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Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872–1958)

Scott of the Antarctic (1948)

Film Music for Scott of the Antarctic. Composed 1947–8. Film first shown, London, 29 November 1948. Score played by Philharmonia Orchestra, cond. Ernest Irving. Scored for full orchestra, soprano, and women’s chorus. Vaughan Williams transformed the music from this film into his Sinfonia Antartica (1952), composed 1949–52. Premiere: Manchester, 14 January 1953, Margaret Ritchie (sop.) women of Hallé Choir, The Hallé Orchestra, cond. Sir John Barbirolli. First London perf.: same artists, 21 January 1953. Published 1953.

The true story of the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his ill-fated expedition to try to be the first man to discover the South Pole, only to find that the murderously cold weather and a rival team of Norwegian explorers conspire against him.



Opening Credits

The Icy Frontier

Word of Warning/Meeting Old Friends

Preparing to Set Sail

Setting Sail

At Sail/Seeing the Great Ice Barrier