Philip completed his PhD program in Musicology at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Boston University,
with a double concentration in music history and music theory. That same year Philip launched the
Dramatic Vocalise Database, a comprehensive collection of pieces and films pertaining to his dissertation
Sirènes, Spectres, Ombres: Dramatic Vocalization in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries,
in order to further study and promote this particular phenomenon/compositional device.

Philip’s electro-acoustic piece improv 3 was featured on National Public Radio’s The Next Big Thing in February 2005
as part of a segment on the Sonic Supper project, which Philip then co-curated. [Listen to the show here.]

Philip graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Music degree (Violoncello Performance) from the University of North Carolina Greensboro,
and holds a Master of Music degree (Violoncello Performance) from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.