studiofil farm

The studiofil farm project first began in Los Molinos, CA in August 2014. In September 2015 the farm relocated to the Sandra Heights neighborhood of Sacramento. The project developed from my deep dissatisfaction with horrible Boston produce for the 18 years I lived there. Decided to finally leave the big city and pull a "Green Acres."

Mission Statement:
  1. To grow sustainable, fresh, organic, nutritious, and extremely delicious food; what I refer to as Backyard-To-Belly, as opposed to Farm-To-Fork;
  2. In conjunction with the Colonial Heights Seed Library, to grow, collect, and share heirloom seeds for crops ideally suited to the Sacramento region;
  3. To donate excess harvest to Sacramento's River City Food Bank;
  4. To encourage and support others to do the same.

Currently growing on the farm as of October 12, 2023:

Previous crops include: