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White Zombie (1932)

The music of White Zombie was supervised by Abe Meyer. Instead of using pre-recorded music, Meyer had orchestras record new versions of compositions for each specific film he was involved in. The music in White Zombie draws from obscure works including Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, Gaston Borch’s Incidental Symphonies, and Hugo Riesenfeld’s Death of the Great Chief.1 Other pieces on the White Zombie soundtrack include music written by Richard Wagner, H. Maurice Jacquet, Leo Kempenski, and Franz Liszt. The film begins with “Chant,” a composition of wordless vocals and drumming, created by Universal Studios employee Guy Bevier Williams, a specialist in ethnic music.2



R. Nathaniel Dett, Listen to the Lambs

Tuskegee Institute Choir
William L. Dawson, Conductor

Madeline Remembers


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