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Sergey Prokofiev (1891–1953)

Cinq Mélodies, Op. 35 (1920)

During the period when he was finishing the score of Love for Three Oranges and sketching the scenario of The Fiery Angel, Prokofiev also composed a set of Five Songs Without Words, op. 35 (1920) for voice and piano. In the published score there is neither vowel designation, nor score directions for the singer.

Prokofiev, Five Songs Without Words, op. 35, no. 1, mm. 1–4 1

Prokofiev arranged the second of these songs for voice and orchestra (ca. 1920), and also the entire set for violin and piano in 1925.

(Nauman 2009, 207–8)



Five Songs Without Words, Op. 35, no. 1


1 Sergey Prokofiev, Five Songs Without Words (Melville, NY: Belwin Mills, 1979), 113.