ARP Odyssey (c1978)

The ultimate musical trip! Designed by musicians, for musicians. the Odyssey offers the features performing artists requested in a live performance. portable synthesizer. Whatever your field-rock, pop, jazz, or avant-garde electronic composition-the ARP Odyssey is unequaled for flexibility and features at an amazmg price.

With its ease of operation and high reliability, the ARP Odyssey can produce an enormous variety of sounds in live performance No patchcords are required all settings are made quickly and easily using the Odyssey s slider controls and patch switches. Schools wishing to incorporate electronic music programs into their curricula will also find the Odyssey an excellent nucleus for an electronic music studio. And, of course, the famous ARP filters and oscillators give you rock stable accuracy for professional quality recordmg .

Take a look at the Odyssey, here are the features you'll find:

* Two-Voice Polyphonic Keyboard.

* White/Pink Noise Generator-Percussive effects. thunder and lightning, and windstorm effects. Portamento-Slide from note to note or create a wild, siren-like wail. Footswitch controller included

* Pitch Bend Control-Enables you to "bend" a note. just as a guitar player would

* Keyboard Transpose-Raise or lower the pitch of the keyboard two octaves instantly. Extends the range of the keyboard to seven octaves.

* Sample and Hold-Enables you to create fantastic series of random pitches and improvisational effects to satisfy your wildest dreams.

* Digital Ring Modulator-Creates extremely complex tone colors through controlled d distortion .

* Audio Mixer-Permits you to mix the outputs from the two voltage controlled oscillators, and the noise generator or ring modulator.

* Voltage Controlled Filter-Permits you to control the tone color or timbre, of the sound to create exactly the effects you're seeking. Also doubles as a third voltage controlled oscillator. Foot pedal controller for wah-wah type effects included.

* Highpass Filter-For added brilliance and unusual effects.

* ADSR Envelope Generator-Enables you to control the attack. decay, sustain, and release time of each note You can create percussive effects, string-effects, gongs, guitars. and more.

* AR Envelope Generator-Enables you to control attack and release time.

* Voltage Controlled Oscillator I-Exclusive pulse-width modulated output Sawtooth. square, and pulse waves

* Voltage Controlled Oscillator 11-Exclusive phase-locked synchronization feature. Pulse-width modulated output Sawtooth. square, and pulse waves

* Low Frequency Oscillator-Sine and square waves, enabling you to create vibrato, repeat, and other effects.